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December 31, 2012

Silat Cekak Malaysia, 2012 Convocation

     Silat Cekak Malaysia, one of many beautiful self-defense arts of Malay culture, held their Certificate Presentation Ceremony to those who has completed learning all arts stance at UTP Chancellor Hall the last December 15th 2012. For the first time it was held here in UTP, Sanggar Kirana was given a chance to accompany and enlighten the ceremony.

     And of course we ain't there alone. We were also accompanied by Gendang Silat with their melodious music.
Gendang Silat

A picture of memory with them, Gendang Silat
     Silat Cekak Malaysia, 2012 Convocation, wrapped up our buzz 2012.

December 30, 2012

Asian Australian Conference on Composite Material

     The Eighth Asian Australian Conference on Composite Material Dinner was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on the past November 7th 2012. Once again Sanggar Kirana and UPAG were obligated to lighten up the ambiance inside the hall as the theme chosen by the organizer was, a traditional Malay concept. As the beautiful melody of Gamelan echoed the hall, the audience were completely drowned by its harmonious rhythm.

    Before then, thanks to Fakhrurradhi, Farhan Iqbal, Noorain Hamid and Syazwan Sabri whom made their way to the event.

The endless support from the alumni.

     Expressing my gratitude to the organizer that we were very fortunate to entertain the audience. And very much thanks to Farhan Iqbal for such a beautiful photos.

December 27, 2012

Break A Leg, Its Final

     The day that sum up of what you had learnt throughout the trimester is finally starting today, Disember 27th 2012.

     Though some of us are still enjoying our leisure time with the remaining holiday, we ain't forgetting you guys, those who will face, up to 3 hours torment of thinking, finding the correct, right and accurate furthermore exact answer to each questions that is questioned on the question paper. Answer with all your might. You are one step closer to success. With that, all of luck, may God be at your side. Wishing you all the best, especially to Wan Izzul Fathi Hamdan, Norazy Shakila Saleh, Nur Nabilah Md Taib and Nur Diyana Nadirah Shaharuddin.

Once again, break a leg.

December 23, 2012

UKM 2012; Gamelan Festival

     September 2012 Trimester, a trimester with lots of events has come to its zenith. Gamelan Festival of UKM 2012 was succesfully held at the National University of Malaysia with UKM as its abbreviation, on the past November 10th 2012, an event that draw together six Gamelan Groups. They are Uniten Gamelan Group, UKM Gamelan Group, Adunan Gamelan Irama Melayu Group, Gemasutra Melayu Group, UPNM Gamelan Citra Nusantara, and last but not least is us, UTP Gamelan Group Sanggar Kirana.

     Srikandi, Susuk Angin amd Isang, three most challenging songs were chosen to be presented. With that, a week was spent doing preparation for the event, training physically and mentally since we will be performing for almost 20 minutes, continuously. With a saying, the more the merrier, several members who were in their internship period, came down joining us, performing as well as experiencing the excitement. Our performance were accompanied by UPAG with their beautifully choreographed dances for the first and third songs.

     Enjoying what we do, our soul, our passion.

     It really was a great performance. We did learnt something new from the other groups as well. Thumbs up to the Secretariat of the UKM 2012 Gamelan Festival. Not forgotten, to Our Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs and Alumni,Tuan Haji Mohamed Noor Rosli Baharom, who were there that night giving us support, and also our beloved, Mr Ahmad Pg Abdullah who were aiding us from the start.

     And of course to EiG who were also there.

Of course this were not all who made their way to the event.

   Thank you for the great moment we had.

Picture by: Fakhruradhi, Farhan Iqbal & Norazy Shakila

December 20, 2012

Skills Unlocked; Polished Polishing

     An idiosyncratic skill yet is embedded within each of everyone of us, the Sanggarian. Though it look easy but there are steps on how to polish the instruments, from a dull golden colour into a shiny bronze-like, with the help of brasso.

Polishing in Process

A simple activity can turn out to be enjoyable

Guess who is sleeping?

     After an hour polishing, it is done finally. You can clearly see your face on the surface of the instruments. Truly.

November 23, 2012


     PETRONAS PMU NDR11 Dinner, a grand dinner arranged at such a great place, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. This high-class occasion take place on 23rd of October, attended by executives coming from around the world.

     And we were very glad to give a glimpse of Malay Culture to the audience, of course by the beauty of Gamelan Music. For this time, our performance were interspersed with the performance from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Performing Arts Group or UPAG in short.

UTP Gamelan Group with YB En Ramlan A Malek, VP of Petroleum Management, PETRONAS

Sanggar Kirana with UPAG

     Despite our tiring one day journey to and fro, the experience of being there performing not to mention, load and unload, was priceless. It is, a great episode.

November 19, 2012

The 12th Convocation Ceremony of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

     Last October, specifically on October 21st, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (Institute of Technology PETRONAS Sdn Bhd) had their 12th Convocation Ceremony. Well, of course the University Gamelan Group were there to accompany the graduates and to heat up the atmosphere inside the majestic Chancellor Hall.

     Yet, this year is a little bit special. We brought to the audience our new song. Isang, to celebrate the graduating members.

UTP Gamelan Group at The 12th Convocation Ceremony

     To seniors, Syazwan Sabri, Nurul Haniza, Siti Khadijah, Sakinah Shakur and Nur Amalina, congratulation on your graduation. Have a blast in your life and good luck.
We will miss you, after all your place could never be replaced.

Top from left: Syazwan Sabri & Nurul Haniza
Bottom from left: Siti Khadijah, Sakinah Shakur & Nur Amalina

May God bless you, always.

November 16, 2012

Brace Yourself [ Family Day - The Climax ]

     Well everybody, this is the Day 2 of Sanggar Kirana Family Day - Nov 2012. The climax of all the challenges we have planned facing it together as a family, more than just a team, for this Family Day of course. Lets get straight to the story of the excitement.

      We begin our journey exactly at, well I shall say at 8 in the morning. Yet before starting the adventurous journey to White Water Rafting, Gopeng, prayer to the God Almighty for a safe and blessed journey is a must. With that, Fakrurradhi take the lead reciting the prayer.

Thanks to The Most Gracious, our prayer has been granted, we have safely arrived.
     Leaving towards the destination before having breakfast, of any sounds only the reverberation of our tummy could be heard. So, after arriving, we head to Ani Mee Kari Stall by foot since it is just nearby. And of course the curry noodles is so delicious that cannot be describe only by words. Since you can just smell the aromatic curry few meters away from the stall. The reddish colour of the curry, the springy but soft yellow noodles, loads of fishcakes and fish-balls can make anyone starving just thinking of it. It is just delicious. Dig in guys.

Hungry? Wait for a little while.

     With the energy we gain from the breakfast we had, yes from the absolutely tasty curry noodles, lets get going while hoping it is enough for rafting.
     Hop onto the lorry guys.
Well, first time experiencing being transported by a lorry together, each and everyone of us are so thrilled about it, leaving our maturity behind.

Capturing the moments; on the lorry.

     For your information we are transported towards the starting point. And before the adventure start, 3 commands with one special command are needed to be known. First, pedal forward or pedal backward, ain't forward backward. Second is stop while third is hold onto the rope. For the special command it is called Boom Boom. Every time the instructor yelled 'Boom Boom', each must hold onto the rope while sitting on the floor of the raft. In case of emergency, each must know how to do body-rafting. It is ain't hard since we have life jacket after all.
The various expressions before the excitement begin; scared, frightened and glad.
Body-rafting; in case of emergency.

      For all that participate to fit into a raft or two is definitely impossible. Because of that we are divided into four groups all together, of four to five person for a raft excluding the instructor and what is more, certainly to experiencing the exhilaration to the max.

     Enough of those long explanations as well as information, now let us dive into the excitement.

The team; 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The pleasure of White Water Rafting.

     For water rafting, experiencing cap-sizing is a must, a compulsory well-said.


     Since, this sport can be considered as a dangerous plus risky sport, some of us could not have a hand in. But thanks to them, we have our appetizing Nasi Goreng alongside the meals prepared by the owner of the company.
We have our own style of having fun.

     After approximately two hours rafting, we have reached the end point. Enervated with all worn-out muscles. After the energy is drained out for pedaling the raft boat, next, what else, it is time to eat.

A Durian feast after lunch, an epic end of the day of joy.
     And thus, it conclude the Sanggar Kirana Family Day - Nov 2012.
Assuredly, these two days have tighten our bonds side by side. Closer than before. Special thanks to the organizer and not forgotten to Aira Amira, Fakrurradhi, Farhan Iqbal, Rifdi Zulfadhli, Saiful Mohsin, Siti Khadijah, & Syazwan Sabri who tone up the days into momentous moments.

November 13, 2012

Brace Yourself [Family Day - Day 1]

     If the previous post was about Pre-Family Day, now this is it, a post of the awaited days for Sanggarians. The day where bonds are tighten. The days where laughters are shared and new bonds are created between new family members and and the existing family members of Sanggar Kirana. And this is the Day 1.

    Our Family Day - Day 1 can be said started at 8:15, in the morning of course with a game we called Swap-Badminton. It is a game of ordinary badminton except of it players change each time they pass the shuttlecock to the other side of the court. Well they have members in their team for sure.

Swap-Bad in action. You can tell which team has won the game, can you?
     Well, next we have some sort of balloon-passing game. As the balloon is filled with plenty of water, has made the game challenging.

This is the before and after the game. Unfortunately none while playing.

     We have sweats a lot, now it is time to say hello to our empty stomach. it is time for lunch though. Nasi Ganja located at Ipoh has been selected as the lunch meal, well it is Saiful and Rifdi treat. Thanks a lot guys. Undoubtedly having it after we have cleaned ourselves. Next pit-stop is at Funny mountain where we had our tofu-fa and soy drink. It is the best.

Funny Mountain of soy drink and tofu-fa
Outside Yong Suan Restaurant of Nasi Ganja 

The tantalizing Nasi Ganja

     Before heading back to Seri Iskandar, bowling would be best, right guys?

Strike at Greentown Mall

     Ending the hectic but enjoyable day with Ais Jagung, what a perfect treat to the tired body. Surprisingly, that day, November 3rd was a birthday of Fakrurradhi. Happy Birthday!

Special Appearance: Aira Amira, Siti Khadijah, Farhan Iqbal, Saiful Mohsin, Rifdi Zulfadhli, Fakrurradhi & Syazwan Sabri

Thanks a Lot Guys brighten up our day.