Our Momentous Moment

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February 25, 2013

UTP Gamelan Group Sanggar Kirana New Members Selection - Second Stage

     Out of more than 30 candidates who showed up during the first stage of new members selection, the best 16 made themselves into the second stage. In this stage, where we held interview session, they are separated into two small groups to ease the flow of the interview session. 

     Questions were asked regardless of opinion, experiences or even knowledge basis to the potentials and how they responds to each uncertainties, arguments,queries were carefully observed and valued out by the interviewer.


     Best of wishes from us and we are looking forward to see you guys as one of the UTP Gamelan Group family members. Good luck.

p/s: though it is late.

February 15, 2013

UTP Gamelan Group Sanggar Kirana New Members Selection - First Stage

     Searching for new talented members this semester started quite early mainly because of the tight schedule. It is done with two session, on two different days for the first stage. While not many turned up for the first session, an out of mind number of possible who want to try their luck, showed themselves during the second session.

     The first stage of the selection is all about technical, how you digest the beats and scores and let it out as rhythm and melody. The applicants were free to chose whichever of two different instruments they were capable to play with.

The first session

The second session

Practicing before evaluating

     Thank you to all who were there. Wishing you the very best of luck.

February 14, 2013

Ensemble of Gamelan - Kick Off

     Well, before any other, we would like to congratulate those who has been selected as part of The 2013 Ensemble of Gamelan committee members.

     As the preamble, a kick-off was arranged to get them together to be conversant with each other, to make them familiar with each other as it is easy to work as a team when having a grasp of the other members as it should be.

The Project Manager

     Introduction Session

Full of enthusiasm
     Well once again, congratulations to all the selected committee members.

February 13, 2013

Ensemble of Gamelan - Recruitment Night

     The night of the beginning anticipated Ensemble of Gamelan.
     Well, the interviewing session started of quite slow, sharp at 2100 hours. As time passes, the number of interviewee started to grow. More and more applicants present to engage themselves as one of the organizing committees. the number of the possible were out of our expectation. Nevertheless the cross-examining session went smooth as planned.



     We are looking forward to welcome you guys as the family of 2013 Ensemble of Gamelan. Thanks to all who came.
Awaited you this April, Ensemble of Gamelan.

February 01, 2013

UTP Gamelan Group Sanggar Kirana; Audition

     Intersted in performing? Wish to present the melodious melody of your national heritage? Want to be part of UTP Gamelan Group Sanggar Kirana?

     If so, present yourself to the auditions on February 3rd 2013 (First Session) and February 6th 2013 (Second Session) at Gamelan Room, Block B from 9:00p.m to 11:30p.m.

     1) have already taken Gamelan I or Gamelan II
     2) currently taking Gamelan II
     3) have the basis in Gamelan Music

     If those criteria suites you well, plus an interesting character, you are welcome to join us at the audition.