Our Momentous Moment

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January 28, 2013

Recruitment Drive - Ensemble of Gamelan 2013

"A grand event that unites Gamelan groups, presenting the creativity and beauty of classical Gamelan music"

interested to become part of the 
organizing committee?

Coming to you, live this April 2013

Kick-Start Jan 2013

      The first activity of the year before starting the new semester, planned at the last minute, went perfectly staggering, magnificent and mind-boggling. Each and everyone of us felt the thrill as we go through each activities.

      We started of by having our breakfast at Mee Udang Tronoh, a stall that served  varieties of noodles flooded with prawns. Then we proceeded with Shopping-Mania game and Laser-Tag, a counter-strike-like game. Wrapping our activities on that day by having lunch nearby the Perak state stadium, treat  for our empty tummies.

Waiting for breakfast

Getting ready; shopping mania

Laser Tag

A good start of the semester, muehe.

January 01, 2013

Adieu 2012, Welcome 2013

   Welcome 2013 and happy new year to all. Yes, a year full of buzz has just past. The past left, leaving us with memories behind. Yet ahead, approaching us is 365 days waiting to be filled by remarkable moments and surprises.

     While framing out what to do throughout this avantgarde year, a look back, concisely from the starting of 2012 till the end of last year should be apt isn't it?

     Let 2013 be a prosperous and joyous year filled with laughter and sweet reminiscence. With that Sanggar Kirana wish you, Happy New Year.