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March 20, 2013

Its Our Clan's Day

      Family Day, Yes!
      Our relations' day this time were held at Pantai Teluk Senangin, Perak. It was planned to be a little bit relaxing, refreshing, different from past family day, rejuvenating and of course it was mainly meant to tighten bonds between members. All of us departed to the destination on the late afternoon, at 1600 hours to be precise, as planned. While being a norm to people, prayers were recited, hoping for a safe journey throughout from the God Almighty before departing.

     Soon, an hour after an interminable journey, we had safely arrived to the designated meet place. Thanks to the couples who arrived there much more early than us, to arrange our barbecue set-up, dishes and stuff.  And thus, let's begin the activities.

Learn the instructions, briefings.

     Shortly after performing Asar, some were task to find for firewood and that they did an incredible job. Firewood ranging from  a human size thighs to as small as a toothpick of diameter.  Following their arrival with three-cars-filled of firewood, we were then played a handball-like Frisbee game. Imagine that!
     Stop after all were tired having to catch a flying Frisbee, we were all totally amazed by the beauty of God's creation, a sunset by the beach.

The majestic sunset

     Following right after we had performing Maghrib together, we all headed for the main course barbecuing. Yup, not all participated in roasting the marinated chicken, some others started to light the woods for a campfire (it is banned actually) and some others were enjoying the fresh breeze from the land to the open sea. Guitars were plucked, melodies were played, songs were sang.
     In circle we sat, circling the campfire, and games was played,
"mafias, doctors, spies and villagers,"
"one little frog, fall into the drain, oink,"
before and after dinner. not to mention, the food was delicious, mouth-watering. To guys watching over the chicken, thank you for the chicken!

     Feeling refreshed ,rejuvenated and somehow connected plus sleepy perhaps, we end the family day on the same day, before 0000 hour. Thank you to the organizer.

March 01, 2013

UTP Co-Curriculum Appreciation Night

     The first event of this semester has finally ended successfully. UTP Co-Curriculum Appreciation Night were attended by our very own Vice Chancellor Datuk Ir. (Dr.) Abdul Rahim Hashim accompanied by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Alumni, Tuan Haji Mohamed Noor Rosli Baharom with a special guest, Roslin Hashim who was once our National Badminton Player.

     We were very delighted and honoured to be performing for this event. Therefore we brought to the audience the Serikandi and Sanggar Kirana songs.

     With the fact that this is one of the successful events, one of our members had food poisoning. It is very unfortunate for us and for him. Lets pray and hope that this would not ever happen again in the future.